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I am a spiritual artist who is on an amazing path of self discovery. I am learning how to express into form, the myriad conjoining avenues of inspiration that consistently percolate my mind. I experience a metaphysical world, continuously drawing inspiration from my out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, paranormal insights, and spiritual understandings.  I am a student of the Light, transforming the anxieties that ripple through my awareness into opportunities for forgiveness. My art and music acts as a mirror of my consciousness, informing me of my progress.


I invite you to join me as my discoveries persue. I know that you too are awakening. There is a grand awakening sweeping our world. The way of sleeping is becoming harder to maintain. Our belief systems are being challenged and we have the opportunity to reevaluate them by facing our current situation. The means for understanding are received by us when we choose to accept it. The choice between unity and division is a simple one but it takes the difficult  journey through the darkness to persuade us to reach for the light. My experience as an artist is a gift I accept from my higher self. It helps my mind settle down and process the necessary ascension ladder data. I thank the Light for this ladder and I thank you for my reflection.


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Surf the cosmic currents with confidence and when you fall off, get back up again.


In Light,