Magic Sound Fabric "The World is an Illusion" Music Video

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From the Magic Sound Fabric album "Observer". Chosen for Top 20 Albums of on Musical Starstreams syndicated radio.

Reviews: Exploring the sounds of electronica in its purest, and perhaps most pristine form, Magic Sound Fabric masterfully serves up the chilly and evocative evidence of those explorations on Observer.

Proclaiming: "There's no reality in duality" on the album's opener, "The World is An Illusion" is a prelude of what is to come. Intimations of science-fiction and sumptuous synth-laden grooves nurture the perfect parallel between existentialist allusions and the obstinate beat-head. "Heaven's Coming Down" is eerily beautiful and brilliantly organic amidst the album's well-established digital disposition. Guitar-laced "Only Love is Real" coalesce with fragments of head-nodding dub, while "Majesty" and "Beautiful," Observer's instrumental tracks, hold their own - polished and glaringly dynamic.

Turning futurism into an aural odyssey, Magic Sound Fabric eludes the club-thumping culture of electronica, and brings intelligent life back to the stereo. - eclectriciti magazine